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Ian Abdulla

"Checking the cross line to see if we have any cod"
"Drincking wine in the bushe's befor going home"
"Dust storm coming to Coobpedy in the day"
"Has kids we would walk around the Winkie Flat's"
"Having church in the scrub at night"
"Here I am fetching the water for washing and cooching"
"Here I am with two white men fishing off the jetty into the sea"
"Itchikinging home from the picher at night"
"Just beforwe the raine come down"
"Me and all the boys going home after a day of hunting"
"Me and my dog hunting for swan's or duck's along a creek coll'd black fallars creeck"
"Me and my partner haveing a few beers by the River Murrary"
"Me and my three children on how way home"
"Me and the boys ridding in the scrub on a Sunday on how bick's"
"My couesin and us kids collekting wood so we can coock"
"My cousin and uncle's come down from Cooberpedy"
"Ridding alone in the scrub"
"Ridding home through the scrub with my step brother at night"
"Spot lighting at night for rabbits"
"Walking home with two of my mats"
"Walking in the moonlight cheaking the ribbit tracks"
"Watching the wite men ridding there bicks"

John Anderson

After the Rain
Bed & Landscape
Charlie's Hill
Dappled Foreshore
Dream Baby
Driveway at Dusk
Flinders Back Beach
Golden Light
Junction Road
Late Summer
Long Drive
Low Tide
Patterson Road
Road and Dam
Road Past Bushrangers Bay
Shadowed Road
Sunrise at West Head
Through Green's Bush
Twilight Road
West Head
Windswept Avenue
Winter Sun

Flora Oviro (Anu)

Skin of the Yellow Snake (ÖM11-013)

Brenda Kesi (Ariré)

Ancestral Design of the Mud, Fruit of the Tree, Tail Feathers of the Swift in Flight, Coiled Snake and Head and Neck of the Snake (ÖM11-077)
Ancestral Tattoo Design (ÖM11-079)
Ground-burrowing Spider (ÖM11-078)
Leaves of the Bamboo (ÖM11-080)
Leaves of the Bamboo (ÖM11-081)
Ömie Mountains, Fruit of the Tree, Tail Feathers of the Swift in Flight and Tailbone of the Wallaby (ÖM11-076)

Billy Yunkurra Atkins

Ngayurnangalku (13-541)
Ngayurnangalku Baby (13-543)
Ngayurnangalku Mili (12-1300)
Puntawarri (12-1299)
Untitled (13-263)
Untitled (13-770)
Untitled (14-15)
Untitled (14-16)
Untitled (14-17)
Untitled (14-18)
Untitled (14-19)
Untitled (14-20)
Untitled (14-21)
Untitled (14-22)
Untitled (14-23)
Untitled (14-34)
Untitled (14-35)
Untitled (14-36)
Untitled (14-37)
Untitled (14-38)
Untitled (14-39)

Billy Atkins

Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) (M07-321)
Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) (M07-322)
Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment)

Miriam Atkins

Untitled (08-14)
Untitled (08-15)
Untitled (08-16)

Lydia Balbal

Different Sides (26215)
Imbirang (25411)
Imbirang (25493)
Jawani Jawani (25382)
Jawani Jawani (25393)
Jawani Jawani (25479)
Jawani Jawani (28302)
Martaguloo (27836)
Martaguloo (28604)
Martakulu (25546)
Martakulu (25576)
Martakulu (28319)
Martakulu (28413)
Martakulu (28430)
Martakulu (28727)
Martukulu (25811)
Martukulu (25811)
My Country (25482)
Pikarong (25677)
Pikarong (25702)
Pikarong (27481)
Pikarong (27993)
Pinkarong (25514)
Tapinka (25795)
Tapinka (25795)
Untitled (25455)
Untitled (25495)
Untitled (28451)
Winpa (25360)
Winpa (25374)
Winpa (25661)
Winpa (25835)

Margaret Baragurra

Galli Galli (25569)
Galli Galli (25678)
Jirndajiri (1989)
Kalpirti (22021)
Kalpirti (22028)
Kalpirti (22047)
Kalpirti (22048)
Kalpirti (23156)
Kalpirti (24314)
Lajarri (22049)
Ngatarn (25912)
Ngatarn (26212)
Purrpurrkurrji (25652)
Untitled (23433)
Untitled (23555)
Untitled (25394)
Untitled (25660)
Untitled (2883)
Warla & Ngatarn (25610)

Goody Barrett

Dreamtime Women
Geminyban Caves
Janyimbany - Bush Potato (GB82002-34)
Man Calling Out for His Dogs (GB82002-32)

Gordon Barunga

Untitled (GBNG01-06)


Bedford Downs Massacre (PB 3 2001.101)

Paddy Bedford

Bemberrawoonany - Brumby Spring (PB 6 2004.192)
Bemberrawoonany - Brumby Spring (PB 6 2004.192)
Bemberrawoonany - Brumby Spring (PB 6 2004 192)


Blanket Lizard - Motor Car Yard (PB 6 2004.166)

Paddy Bedford

Brumby Spring (PB 2 2005-207)
Dingo Springs (PB 2 2005-210)
Emu Dreaming and Massacre Site (PB62002-128)
Fig Tree Hole (PB CB 6 2004.56)
Fish Hole (Biriyalji) (PB 2 2005-208)
Gum Hole (PB CB 2 2005-43)
Jack Flood (PB 5 2005 222)
Jack Flood (PB 6 2004.186)
Jack Flood (PB82002-145)
Jamelayigoon - Fig Tree Hole (PB CB 6 2004-33)
Jamelayigoon - Fig Tree Hole (PB CE 01)
Jamelayigoon - Rock Wallaby Dreaming (PB 5 2005 213)
Janderrji - Dolly Hole (PB CE 03)
Janterri - Dolly Hole (PB 2006 3 241)
Jawoonarrany (PB CB 6 2004.55)
Jawooraban (PB CB 4 2005 44)
Lightening Creek (PB CB 2 2005-42)
Lightning Creek (PB CB 4 2004 51)
Mad Gap (PB 2-2005-205)


Mad Gap (PB 6 2004.168)

Paddy Bedford

Mad Gap (PB 7 2005 225)


Mad Gap (PB 7 2005.225)
Mad Gap (PB 7 2005.229)
Mad Gap (PB CB 3 2004.12)

Paddy Bedford

Mad Gap (PB CB 3 2004.12)
Mad Gap (PB CB 6 2004-31)


Medecine Pocket (PB 6 2002.131)
Medicine Bucket (Medicine Pocket) (PB 1998.17)

Paddy Bedford

Meerewoon - Fish Hole (PB CE 04)
Middle Brand (PB 7 2003. 161)
Middle Brand (PB82002-147)
Middle Brand (PB 7 2003 161)
Motor Car Yard (PB CB 3 2004 20)
Mt King (PB 2 2005-209)
Mt King (PB CB 4 2005 57)
Mud Springs (PB CB 3 2004 13)
Old Bedford (PB CB 6 2004 47)
Queensland Creek (Merrmerrji) (PB CB 2 2005-41)
Queensland Creek (PB CB 3 2004 18)


Red Pocket (PB CB 3 2004.15)

Paddy Bedford

Rock Wallaby Dreaming (Jamelayigoon) (PB 2 2005-206)
Saddler Jump Up (PB82002-139)
Saddlers Jump Up (PB 8 2005.236)
Saddlers Jump Up (PB 2005 9 236)
Saddlers Jump Up (Thalngarrwan) (PB CB 2 2005-40)
Thalngnarrwan - Saddler's Jump Up (PB 3 2006 247)
Thoonbi Gorge - Ord River (PB CE 05)
Twenty Mile (PB 5 2005 221)
Untitled (11-256)
Untitled, 2003 (PB WB 2003 101)
Untitled, 2003 (PB WB 2003 113)
Untitled, 2003 (PB WB 2003 117)
Untitled, 2003 (PB WB 2003 121)
Untitled, 2003 (PB WB 2003 58)


Untitled 2003 PB WB 2003.121
Untitled 2003 PB WB 2003.127
Untitled 2003 PB WB 2003.71
Untitled 2003 PB WB 2003.87

Paddy Bedford

Untitled, 2004 (PB WB 2004 157)
Untitled, 2004 (PB WB 2004 162)
Untitled, 2004 (PB WB 2004 163)


Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.158
Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.164
Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.166
Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.172
Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.174
Untitled 2004 PB WB 2004.177

Paddy Bedford

Untitled, 2004 (PB_WB_2004_159.jpg)
Untitled, 2004 (PB_WB_2004_170.jpg)


Untitled 2006 (PB 5 2006.251)

Paddy Bedford

Untitled (PB 5 2006 256)
Untitled (PB 5 2006.251)
Untitled (PB CB 6 2004 35)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-211)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-212)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-213)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-214)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-215)
Untitled (PB WB 2 2005-216)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 101)
untitled (PB WB 2003 110)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 113)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 120)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 121)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 56)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 78)
Untitled (PB WB 2003 94)
Untitled (PB WB 2003.110)
Untitled (PB WB 2003.120)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 159)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 162)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 167)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 173)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 184)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 185)
Untitled (PB WB 2004 199)
Untitled (PB WB 2005 243)
Untitled (PB WB 2005 245)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 156)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 167)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 173)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 175)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 178)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 180)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 185)
Untitled (PB WB 3 2004 194)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-112)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-114)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-50)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-59)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-70)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-80)
Untitled (pb-wb-2003-95)
Winperrji - Police Rock Hole (PB CB 6 2004 - 52)
Winperrji - Police Rock Hole (PB CB 6 2004 52)
Yoowangeny - Mud Spring (PB CE 02)
Yuwangeny - Mud Springs (PB62002-127)

Gerry Bell

Activist Masque
Angry Flowers
Blue Rider
Dancing Shoes
Fabulous Feral
The Laughing Roundhead
Louder Places
Low Dancer
MC- Emo
Old Caravan
Oral Affair
Riot Squad
Wild Flower

Ngamaru Bidu

Canning Stock Route Country
Untitled (09-469)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-143)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-268)
Warrarnpa (Country)
Warrarnpa (Country)
Wikirri (M07-95)

Jakayu Biljabu

Kalukujara (07-469)
Lipuru (M07-18)
Minyi Puru (Seven Sisters)
Ngaku (M07-174)
Pitu (M07-229)
Untitled (12-24)
Untitled (12-25)
Walawala (07-783)
Wantali Lyinji (Claypan) (11-1330)

Willy Billabong

Bullgo Soak
Mungai Hills (2924)
Mungarri Hills (2946)
Ungallyarra (2923)
Untitled 1
Untitled (2919)
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Untitled 5
Water Holes Soaks

Jan Billycan

All the Jila (10006)
All the Jila (3126)
All the Jila (3276)
All the Jilla (10006)
All the Jilla (3126)
All the Jilla (3276)
Kirriwirri (11440)
Kirriwirri (11458)
Kirriwirri (11460)
Kirriwirri (11530)
Kirriwirri (11537)
Kirriwirri (11547)
Kirriwirri (11548)
Kirriwirri (11552)
Kirriwirri (11556)
Kirriwirri (11557)
Kirriwirri (11559)
Kirriwirri (11560)
Kirriwirri (11562)
Kirriwirri (22007)
Kirriwirri (22009)
Kirriwirri (22016)
Kirriwirri (22032)
Kirriwirri (22033)
Kirriwirri (22034)
Kirriwirri (22036)
Kirriwirri (23146)
Kirriwirri (25701)
Kirriwirri (25703)
Kirriwirri (25719)
Kirriwirri (25921)
Kirriwirri (26013)
Kirriwirri (26066)
Kirriwirri (26067)
Kirriwirri (26073)
Kirriwirri (26077)
Kirriwirri (26080)
Kirriwirri (26202)
Kirriwirri (26206)
Kirriwirri (26210)
Martagoolu (2498)
My Jila Country (20189)
My Jila Country (3586)
Untitled (10119)
Untitled (2939)
Untitled (3158)
Untitled (3164)

Richard Birrinbirrin

Milminydjarrk (cp 1859)

Billy Black

Murrungun Morning Star Story (cp 1871)

Margaret Boko

Camel Riding (TAMB10C4122)
Family Gone to Docker (TAMB11C5082)
Two Women and Two Kids There (TAMB11C5149)
White kids and Black kids jumping on cars (TAMB11M4803)

Dustin Bonson

Mimih Spirit (4726-05)
Mimih Spirit (918-03)

Samson Bonson

Mimih Spirit (details) (5631-05)
Mimih Spirit (details) (5757-05)
Mimih Spirit (head detail) (5757-05)

Namiyal Bopirri

Exquisite Bag (W091)

Richard Bosman

Arthur Phillip
Black Swan
Captain Cook
Darwin's Journal
De Vlamingh
Drownings (Port Fairy)
Dutch Ship
Early Explorers
Flight Tracker
George Bass
Hartog - Turtle
Map with 2 ships
Nouvelle Hollande
Nova Hollandia
Pink Heath
Poisonous Snakes
Pulled Under
Shark (No Swimming)
Ships : Dutch Ship - Landing
Skark Attack (WA)
Stamps - Antarctica
Sturt's Desert Pea
Swimming Against the Tide
Tasmanian Blue Gum
Van Diemen
Wild Flowers
Willem Janszoon
William Dampier

Pampila Hanson Boxer

Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-10)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-11)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-12)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-1)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-2)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-3)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-4)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-5)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-6)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-7)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-8)
Untitled (Bust in Ceremonial paint and hat) (2007-9)

Nyuja Stumpy Brown

Ngapawarla (28/07)

Lilias Bujava

Dahoru'e ohu'o vinohu'e

Yikartu Bumba

Untitled (09-169)

Bob Burruwal

Echidna (1290-04)
Wurum (2966-03)
Wurum (2967-03)

Jane Burton

A Temptation To Ships #10
A Temptation To Ships #11
A Temptation To Ships #12
A Temptation To Ships #1
A Temptation To Ships #2
A Temptation To Ships #3
A Temptation To Ships #4
A Temptation To Ships #5
A Temptation To Ships #6
A Temptation To Ships #7
A Temptation To Ships #8
A Temptation To Ships #9

Pukina Burton

Untitled (12-27)

Adam Butler

Tingarri Kulkurda (08-197)

Katjara Butler

Ngamurru (10-266)
Ngamurru (10-322)

Manupa Butler

Kirritji (07-135)
Kirritji (K06-082)

Sally Butler

Untitled (08-220)

Coiley Campbell

Tjitu (K06-260)
Tjulyuru (07-146)

Nola Campbell

Mina Mina (07-074)
Ngiyari (07-133)
Tika Tika (07-153)
Tika Tika (K06-135)
Tika Tika (K06-252)
Yumpalara (K04-345)
Yunpalara (09-248)

Gloreen Campion

Wyarra (5694-05)

Churchill Cann

Doogoorrenyinem (182/12)
Doogoorrenyinem (227/12)
Kingfisher (61/12)
Kingfisher (654/12)
Lolly Creek (314/12)
Red Butte (753/12)
Snake Creek (609/12)
Snake Creek Hole (320/12)
Victory Hole (339/12)

Nancy Carnegie

Tjakura (07-143)
untitled (K06-107)
Yarratja (K06-235)

May Chapman

Kukara (12-20)

Nancy Chapman

Warranpa (07-515)
Warranpa (07-518)
Warranpa (07-596)

Steve Cox

All in God's Name
The Artful Dodger
Bad Cleric (Pell)
Baroque Fuck
Beat Boy
Big Scary Motherfucking Zombie #6
Big Scary Motherfucking Zombie #7
Big Scary Motherfucking Zombie #8
Big Scary Motherfucking Zombie #9
Bill Sykes from "Oliver Twist"
Billingsgate Crustacean
Bloodshot In The French House
Blue Love
The Bully Boy
The Burden
Burning the Past
Cancer Garden
Casanova's Diary
The Chieftan
Christopher Marlowe
Crazy Bitch
Cyclopean Monkey
Days of Trepidation
The Depths Of Despair
Disable the Nay-Sayers
The Dumb Grunt
Dunghill Dancers
Everything is Going to be All Right
Federico Garcia Lorca
Filthy Pup
For My Brothers
Front Loader
Fur Die Anderen
The Hag Of Bethnal Green
Happy Hunting # 1
Happy Hunting #2
The Harpy
Hats, Various
Heartbreak Hill
Heralding The Dawn
Hereward The Wake
Hybrid #2
Il Commandante
Insane Jesus
Italian Souvenir
Joan of Arc
The King And The Queen Of The Birds
Little Bastard
London Doctor
Lord Fuckingham
The Lost
Macbeth 1
The Maori Kickboxer
Me and My Big Mouth
Minor Royalty
Monument for Those who Broke Free
My little Volcano
My Psychoanalysis # 1
My Psychoanalysis # 2
My Psychoanalysis # 3
The New Start in the New Town
O Fortuna!
Oedipus Rex
Old Mother London
Pablo Picasso Aged Six
The Pink Triangle
Pirate's Cove
Pizzle Drizzle
The Polish Girl
Psychopathia Sexualis 1
Psychopathia Sexualis 2
Psychopathia Sexualis 3
Psychopathia Sexualis 4
Psychopathia Sexualis 5
Psychopathia Sexualis 6
Psychopathia Sexualis 7
Psychopathia Sexualis 8
Querelle de Brest
Reinventing the Wheel
Self Portrait
Storming the Citadel
Strange and Exotic Fauna
Studio Souvenir
Study of a Regency Dandy
Study of a Spanish Gardener
Study of a Young Man
Study of Mehmet
Study of Michael B. Williams
Study of Raymond, Hyde Park, London
Study of Zeb, London
The Stupid Professor
Teenage Emperor
Testosterone Zone
Tom Thumb
Useful Metaphor
Vision At The Lake
Wandering Ape
Waste ground - Lambeth
The Way Forward
Weeping Faun
The Witch of the Frozen Tundra
The Woman from Manchester
Young Man Weeping
Young Sasquatch
The Young Soldier

Pulpurru Davies

Kiwar (08-116)
Nyukur (08-192)
Nyukur (K06-210)
Tali (07-161)
Tali (08-033)
Timarri (08-161)
Timarri (K06-199)
Timarri (K06-233)
Two Women and Rockhole (08-158)
Two Women and Rockhole (08-160)
Untitled (08-154)
Yalara (07-091)
Yalara (07-093)
Yalara (07-144)
Yalara (07-151)
Yunpalara (07-152)

Barry Dickins

A Hundred Little Hitlers
Barbed Wire People
Children Drawing in the Brighton Orphanage
Comedy Street (15)
Comic Over Load
Completely Shattered
Dreaming of the Countryside
Eating as Rats
Ferocity Street
Ghost Children
Grief Street (11)
I Dreamt of Marie Antoinette
Internalising Beauty
Let Down Street
Longing Street (14)
Metamorphosis (8)
Moor Street (7)
Nature Over Hate
Our Little Boat
Rainy Day in Fitzroy Street
Recalled to Life (1)
Remembering My Friends
Unedited Dreams

Elizabeth Djakurrurr

Basket (BAS144)

Stanley Djalarrar

Gecko and Hollow Log (bp 3616)

Robin Djunginy

Bottle (W069)
Bottle (W075)
Bottle (W081)
Fish Trap (S585)

Elizabeth Djuttara

Mat (MO841)

Stephen Eastaugh

257 Crosses - Mt Erebus (Antarctica)
Aerial Roots
The Alcohol and Dark Chocolate Problem
Arranged Landscape Marriages 2000 (Brisbane and Phnom Penh)
Bandits Huts
Base 2001 (Hong Kong)
Bedouin House of Hair 2 (Beit-Ash-Sha'ar)
Berg Farm
Blizzline (Black)
Blizzline (Blue)
Blizzline (Red)
Blizzline (Summer)
Blood and Pus Coup D'Etat (Burkina Fasso)
Breathing Holes (Arctic, Antarctic)
Bridge and Black Holes - Homage to Munch (Norway) (1667-08)
Buildings at Casey Base, Antarctica
Champ Island
Dark Spice Market (India)
Domestic Exotic 2002 (Beijing)
Dreamhomes 2002 (Beijing)
Drunk Mariner on Leave (Netherlands)
Drunken Trees 2002 (Beijing)
Extra Domestic 2002 (Yangon)
Floating Boulder
Floating Boulder
Floating Boulder
Floating Boulder
Floating Boulder
Foreign Tongues 2002 (Yangon)
Gambler on Smaze (Macau)
Impedimenta / Baggage (Vietnam)
The Jolly (Thaddeus von Bellingshausen)
Leaking Mother Fucker (Russia)
Little Tree
Longitude/Latitude (red)
Lost Cartography 1999-2000 (Broome, Antarctica)
Lovely Massive Uncompassionate
Mammalfishslushy (Greenland) (1667-08)
Missile Nipples / 500 Short Range Ballistic Missiles
Ms Chemical and Mr Smog Get Married
Murmansk Day Tour
Non Existent Islands - Lost Cartography (Southern Ocean)
Nunatak study 1
Nunatak study 2
Nunatak study 5
Nunatak study 6
Nunatak study 8
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Apple
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Berg
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Cane Line
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Dog Huts
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Icecap
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Melt Lake
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Rock
Outlandish - Aurora Australis and Tide Crack
Outlandish - Aurora Australis Dome and Donga
P.D.A. Public Display of Affection (Erich von Drygalski)
Personal Void Impact
Personel plans in Phnom Penh
Rooted (Australia)
Scarey Cute Jellyfish (Japan) (1667-08)
Self Container (Antarctica)
Still-Sickness (Togo)
Stopovers (Pillows) 2002 (Yangon)
Tactile Transaction - Sexy Business (Phillipines)
Travailogue - MOOP (Man Out of Phase) 1
Travailogue - MOOP (Man Out of Phase) 7
Travailogue - MOOP (Man Out of Phase) 8
Travailogue - MOOP (Man Out of Phase) 9
Ushuaia Mate
Wallow / Spontaneous Trance State
Wet Season
Where RU (Jean-Baptiste Charlot)
White Flag (James Cook)
Wilkes Land

Neil Emmerson

(falling boy)
(I was his...)
(I was his...)
(I was his...)
(I was his...)
installation photograph 1
installation photograph 2
installation photograph 3
installation photograph 4
installation photograph 5
installation photograph 6
IWYS (cat. 18)
IWYS (cat. 20)
(oriental flag)
(surrender) and (penance)

Annie Farmer

Minyma Tukurla (08-099)
Ngamurru (10-307)
Pungupiddy (10-135)
Pungupiddy (10-231)
Pungupiddy (10-259)

J B Fisher

Bush Tucker (bp 3608)
Waterhole and Dhamiliny (bp 3606)

Amy French

Jarramarra (10-138)
Mikayura (Desert Queen Baths) (09-208)
Mikayura (Desert Queen Baths) (10-298)
Mikayura (Desert Queen Baths) (11-344)
Mukurtu (09-1322)
Nawarra (10-1052)
Nyukarnu (11-250)
Nyukuwarta (09-538)
Purlikarti (10-1297)
Rarrki (Well 27 on the Caning Stock Route) (10-1300)
Tarlpa (11-246)
Untitled (09-278)
Untitled (09-432)
Untitled (11-288)
Warnanjarra (10-1053)
Warran (10-1041)
Whitefella with gun watching Martu at Rarrki (CSR Well 27) (11-256)

Art & Furniture

Installation Shot 1
Installation Shot 2
Installation Shot 3
Installation Shot 4
Installation Shot 5

Lila Gama

Dahoru'e Sabudejo'e
Vinohu'e Uehore

Elizabeth Gertsakis

A Farmer's daughter saved from outrage by a brave dog
A Seducer and his Victim. Serious affray at Carlton
An Oriental Town
Awfully sudden death in a railway train
Beautiful Macedonians
Betrothed saves fiancee
Child Murder by Wholesale, Revolting Discoveries
Children Playing
Commencement of the snake season - The first victims, at Colac and Whittlesea
Dancing Macedonian Girls
Daring outrage on a lady
Diabolical Matricide at Maidstone, Near Maidstone
Editorial. Richard Egan Lee
Execution and cremation of a Malefactor at Northcote
Fatal Accident to a child during the late gales
Femmes Turques
Jewish Women
Melancholy suicide in Geelong Cemetery - Verdict of a 'Christian' jury
Mothers And Children
Noli Me Tangere (Don’t Touch Me)
Revolting Murder of a farmer by his wife, attempted suicide of the Murderess
Saved by Death - A Convict Escapes in a coffin
Shooting at Hawthorn
Their Eyes Will Tell You Everything And Nothing
Together At The Market
Trevarrow, after his second flogging on Pentridge Green
Villainous outrage on a Lady, Attempted Abduction
Working, Waiting

Mary Gibson

Kunnuwarri (K06-184)
Tingarri (07-130)
Tingarri (07-130)

Esther Giles

Kunkarrangkalpa (07-088)
Minyma Kutjarra (07-134)

Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles

Kalkuratintja (07-022)
Kalkuratintja (07-022)
Kalkuratintja (07-120)
Marlu Tjukurrpa - Tjamu Tjamu (09-054)
Millmillpa (K06-187)
Pupa Tjukurrpa (09-131)
Purrungu (07-062)
Purrungu (07-062)
Purrungu (09-055)
Purrungu (K05-002)
Purungu (K06-165)
Tingarri (07-084)
Tingarri (K06-117)
Tjakura (K06-222)
Tjamu Tjamu (07-077)
Tjamu Tjamu (07-128)
Tjamu Tjamu (07-128)
Tjamu Tjamu (07-145)
Tjamu Tjamu (07-174)
Tjamu Tjamu (08-194)
Tjamu Tjamu (08-205)
Tjamu Tjamu (09-058)
Tjamu Tjamu (09-084)
untitled (K06-241)

Norma Giles

Tatjarr (07-136)

Nyarapayi Giles

Warmurrungu (10-232)
Warmurrungu (10-264)
Warmurrungu (10-280)
Warmurrungu (10-281)

Nyarapyi Giles

Ngamurru (10-318)

Nyarrapyi Giles

Warmurungu (07-433)
Warmurungu (07-441)
Warmurungu (07-468)
Warmurungu (07-568a)
Warmurungu (08-086)
Warmurungu (08-163)
Warmurungu (08-171)
Warmurungu (08-180)
Warmurungu (08-184)

Sheila Giles

Riyuwa Dreaming (08-156)

Deanne Gilson

Black Gaze (Oyster shell, women's business, shell midden)
Blood Sisters, from Bendigo To Ballarat, Lesley and Me
Bundjil, Bugurook, Karringalabil, Tanderrum (Women's Creation Corroborree and Ceremony)
Colours of Country, After The Haze
Garra-kin, To Scar
Greenstone Axehead
Murnong Dreaming, Women's Business
Remembering Our Men Through The Scar Tree
White Haze, After The Gaze, Birthing tree
Wurring Wurring, Traditional Shield (male elders shield, using ancestral marks)
Yaluk, Beek, Muurup, Water, Country, Spirit

Kumpaya Girgiba

Canning Stock Route Soak Story (M07-60)
CSR Well 34 (08-8)
Kunawarritji and Kinyu (M07-61)
Kunawarritji (M07-251)
Kungku (M07-253)
Tali (Sand Hills) (M07-58)
Waterholes (08-9)

Julie Anne Gitpulu

Basket (BAS210)

Alan Griffiths

Dashford Yard (WAA 921807)

Peggy Griffiths

Goodim (WAA 688603)

Philip Gudthaykudthay

Eldest Waglilag Sister (cp 1749)
Garrtjambal and Wagilag Sisters (cp 1864)
Goanna (bp 3673)
Gunyunmirringa (do 1254)
My Mother and My Father (cp 1528)
Wagilag Sisters (cp 1765)
Wagilag Sisters (cp 1783)

Belinda Gunydjulma

Dilly Bag (MIN4570)

Pauline Rose Hago

Vavrudeje ohu'e uehore
Ve'I ija'ahe

Pat Harry

Darlinghurst Road
Happy Hour
The Idol
Night Moves
Whose Sorry Now

Jean-Mary Warrimou (Hujama)

Rocks Forming at the Volcanic Headwaters of the Girua River (ÖM11-010)

Alison Inkamala

Central Mt Wedge (TAAI11C5067)
Jesus' Feet (TAAI11C5207)
Karrinyarra - Central Mt Wedge (TAAI10C3912)
Karrinyarra - Central Mt Wedge (TAAI10C4272)
Palm Valley with Jesus' Feet (TAAI10C3930)

Fate Savari (Isawdi)

Gardens (ÖM11-069)
The Initiation Ceremony of Ureekureh (ÖM10-054)
Tattoo Design of the Bellybutton, Pattern of a Leaf, Uncurling Fern Fronds and Dahoruraje Clan Design of the Fern Leaf (ÖM10-055)

Weaver Jack

All the Jilas (24232)
Japinka (24321)
Lungarung (11492)
Lungarung (11527)
Lungarung (20033)
Lungarung (20038)
Lungarung (20188)
Lungarung (20197)
Lungarung (20275)
Lungarung (22035)
Lungarung (23455)
Lungarung (23620)
Lungarung (24100)
Lungarung (24147)
Lungarung (24234)
Lungarung (24273)
Lungarung (24274)
Lungarung (24322)
Lungarung (3563)
My Country (25926)
My Country (26042)
My Country (26043)
My Country (26044)
Nyimpil (20030)
Nyimpil (20038)
Nyimpil (3379)
Nympi (3380)
Untitled (20204)
Untitled (20205)
Untitled (2107)
Untitled (2887)
Walk Around Country (11525)

Mick Jawalji

Ban.gurr (WAC 967/10)
Barljaninyin / Window (603/05)
Barljaninyin (530/05)
Barlngawun.Giny (271-06)
Barrajaban (WAC 269/11)
Bedarremberay (WAC 064-07)
Berlaadul (WAC 859/10)
Burndi Berlaadul (542-06)
Coolan Creek Burndi (274-06)
Dabanjuwa (WAC 972/10)
Darreninjuwa (Godford Gorge) (WAC 811/10)
Darreninjuwan / Godford Gorge (599/05)
Darreninjuwan / Godford (WAC 599-05)
Dulunjawa (642-04)
Dunggunbilngi (WAC 283/07)
Gabugabu (WAC 222/08)
Galarunybagungarringininiyin (272-06)
Galawajelduburungarri (WAC 781-07)
Gambululu (269-06)
Ganggarrji (WAC 048/08)
Garengan (WAC 575-07)
Garlurunybardngarriwanema (644/04)
Garnanganjalngi (WAC 265/09)
Garndaljin (WAC 263/09)
Garrabriljurrungarrinyaniyanji (WAC 225/08)
Gatigijngarri (WAC 573-07)
Gern.galiny - wind (393-06)
Giyaljawurrun (WAC 219/08)
Guljarrina (WAC 784-07)
Gumalanggen Brengjinga Ngemenji (WAC 574-07)
Gumalanggenbrentjingarri (WAC 969/10)
Gurragurra (WAC 261/09)
Jawuladaburrngarriwanema / Umbarnbiyinthe (WAC 646/04)
Jirrguljinginingindiyin (WAC 068-07)
Jiyirrinyjarrggarringinawaji (WAC 578-07)
Jubuggaaniyin (WAC 052/08)
Lanyiwarran (WAC 262/09)
Larrjawan (WAC 353/11)
Malamalay (WAC 048/11)
Malamalay (WAC 151/03)
Mangarlugayin (WAC 221/08)
Manjale (WAC 508/08)
Marlu (WAC 218/11)
Marranyel (WAC WAC 785-07)
Mawunayin / Dawyan Dawyan (199/05)
Mawunayin / Dawyan Dawyan (600/05)
Mawunayin / Dawyandaw (WAC 600-05)
Mawunurrun (WAC 066-07)
Melwood Yard (WAC 808/10)
Murdany (WAC 051/08)
Murdany (WAC 162/11)
Muwambin (737-05)
Muwambin (WAC 810/10)
Narriwan (WAC 462/08)
Ngabangarna (294/04)
Ngalambirr Balanyin - Hann Spring (502-06)
Ngaljarrarra (561-06)
Ngumulnggen (WAC 782-07)
Ngurlulungun (WAC 218/08)
Nyumun - Gowarrayn (WAC 224/08)
Nyumung Gowarrayn (WAC 226/08)
Umbarnbiyinhe (WAC 065-07)
Umbarnbiynthe (WAC 505/08)
Untitled (061/05)
Untitled (455/05)
Untitled (531/05)
Wardawyan (WAC 783-07)
Wardawyn (WAC 067-07)
Wunggalngayarri (WAC 786-07)
Wurraya (275-06)
Yarn.Gale (WAC 049/08)

Margaret Jennings

Talila (K06-242)
Tjilkamarta Tjukurpa (K06-093)

Angus Jones

Abstruse Madonna
American Landscape
Arctic Whaler
As the Crow Flies
Autumn Sage
Battle Field
Blank Man
The Colonial
Conceited Man With Crow Feathered Cap
Dark Landscape
Elwood Beach
The Emissary
The Georgian
Golem in the Landscape
Henricke Nelsen
Hommage to the 19th Century Romantics
Hot Sun Cold Wind
Houses in the Landscape
Hugo Ball
I Phantom
Indian Girl
Indian Man
Ion Man
Jacopone Da Todi
The Jester
Jovial Man
The King In Yellow
Landscape with River
Man by the Sea
Man with Black Sawn in the Landscape
Man with Face Mask
Man with Mask
Marsh Landscape
Mexican Landscape
Munjalenki Shaman
The Northman
The Paddock
Patchwork Messiah
Port Melbourne
Port Melbourne
Primordial Man Arisen From The Basalt
The Prophet Seranarka
The Prophet
The Puritan
Radiated Angel
Red Priest
Sea Bird
Ship at Sea, Port Melbourne
Ship at Sea, Port Melbourne
The Shipwright
Shy Angel
The Soldier
Spirit Of Flame
Stormy Landscape
Tatlin Notation 1
Tatlin Notation 2
Temperance Demon
The Thief
The White Man
Windswept Trees with Birds in the Landscape
The Witness
Wounded Soldier

Dan Jones

Load (TADJ11C4931)
My Camp - Soapy Bore (TADJ10C4446)

Dapeni Jonevari

Asimano'e Odunaige
Savan Degirane

Ellen José

A fact is a fact is a fact
Ancient Rights
Aunty Ella Pitt 2
Aunty Ella Pitt
Boats Waiting
Canvas Fishing
Caught hook, line and sinker (detail)
Caught one more time
The coming of the light mark 1, the coming of the light mark 2
Continuing Tradition No 1
Continuing Tradition No 2
Crocodile turtle mask
David & Luke Captain
David Captain
Erub (Darnley Island) Silver bellies (detail)
Every Day Peace
High Court Drag Rights (detail)
I remember, you forgot
In the beginning
Island Day
Kairr Waiting (detail)
The 'light' Fades
Liz Cavanagh
Long Life - Short Lived
Luke Captain
Malo Meets Christ
Mer - Past and Present
The moon knows
My Island My Home My People
Night Watch
Ocean Raining
Over the Night Storm
Prisoner of the Wind
Silent Witness 1
Silent Witness 2
Silent Witness 3
Silent Witness 4
Silent Witness 5
Silent Witness
Simple Tranquility
Sol Wata Rights
Song Journey
Steaming Evening
Stormy Stormy Night
Stormy Weather - Night
Symbiosis Long Time (detail)
Tom Morsby
Torres Strait - Day
Torres Strait - Dusk
Universal Truth
Up Yours Windschuttle
We Dont Forget

Thelma Judson

Karily Karily (M07-272)
Kupanykulu (07-471)
Lunkarungu (M07-269)
Untitled (M07-202)
Warla (08-12)
Wartikujarra (M07-242)


A Long Walk
A Slice of Hill I
And I Am A Canoe for You are the River
At Dusk You Will Go Home
Balloon Leg
Beehive Moutain
Before He Reached the Sun
Blue Tree Green
Burning Lady
Can Can
The Canoe
The Ceremony of a Dreamer
Day Dreaming
Drink Up Baby, Drink Up
Dusk End - Dusk Start
Extra Leg
Flying Buffalo
Flying Lesson
Flying Piglet
Green Head
Hang On
Head and Tail
Hobby Farmer
Holding Fire
I Met You on the Mountain
In the Hair
In the Snake
Land - Escape
Lovers on a Black Hill
Man and a Tree II
Mango Arrow
Mountain, She was a Mountain
Moving The tree
Neck Tree
One Holds One Sings
One Three Six Legs
Papaya Boy
Papaya Walk
Pineapple Head
Pineapple Hunter
Prickly Road
Pushing Snake
Rain Dog 1
Rain Dog 2
Red Bean
Red Line
Red Tomato and Blue Undies
Rice Field Not
Rise Filled
The Sheriff
Strong Neck
Summer Salt
Taking the House for a walk
Taking the House for a Walk
Turtle Helmet
Two Faced
United Over Time
Upside Down
Walk the Dog
Weightless, Weight More
Wheel barrow
White Horse
White Tree
Wooden Lady
The Wounded Man

Celestine Warina (Kaaru)

Design of the Papuan Flowerpecker (ÖM11-030)
Tail Feathers of the Swift in Flight, Crooked tree Trunks, Eggs of the Giant Spiny Stick Insect (ÖM11-032)

Spider Kalbybidi

Naru (10729)
Naru (22044)
Naru (23242)
Naru (3413)
Nungada (3425)
Untitled (20042)
Untitled (23470)
Untitled (23553)
Untitled (23554)

Barry Kantilla

Tutini-Pukumani Pole (BK103-25)

Milly Kelly

Jila Kurru (09-688)
Jila Kurru (Snake Camp) (M07-314)
Jila Kurru (Snake Camp) (M07-80)
Jilakurru (07-654)
Puntawarri (09-687)
Puntawarri (M07-317)
Puntawarri (M07-78)
Puntawarri (M07-79)
Warrarnpa around Jigalong (M07-316)
Waru at Puntawarri

Nerry Keme


Michael Munkara and Frances Kerinauia

Tutini-Pukumani Pole (FK-MM101-25)

Sandy Kilpatrick

Amethyst, Emerald & Pearl Necklace
Black unpolished Onyx beads - Joan of Arc clasp
Broome Pearls/"Renaissance" Pendant & Champagne Diamond
Gold Discs, Putti & Blue Sapphire
Lapis Pebbles & Gold Pebble
Large Emerald with Faces
Plumed Birds & Smokey Quartz
Puttini Chain and Blue Sapphires
Winged Pearl Earrings

Botha Kimmikimmi

Ömie Mountains, Eggs of the Dwarf Cassowary and spots of the Wood-boring Grub (ÖM11-104)

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

untitled (96C181)

Crusoe Kurddal

Mimih Spirit (head detail) (5767-05)

Nyumitja Laidlaw

Kuriella (08-027)
Kuriella (08-030)
Seven Sisters Tjukurrpa (08-143)

Dora Lane

Wati Kutjarra (08-195)

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Bibi, Etretat, 1920 (1920-003)
Bibi, Marseille, Octobre 1928 (1928-001)
Coco, Hendaye, 1934 (1934-001)
Denise Grey et Bibi à bord du Dahu II, Juillet 1926 (1926-024)
Gaby Deslys. Scène prise au Casino de Paris. "Film Bouclette", 1918 (1918-001)
Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. Automobile Delage, Circuit de Dieppe, 26 Juin 1912 (1912-016)
La Pradvina, Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris, Janvier 1911 (1911-001)
Le jour des Drags aux courses à Auteuil, Paris, 23 Juin 1911 (1911-007)
Le Zyx 24 s'envole, Rouzat, Septembre 1910 (1910-003)
L'envol de Bichonnade, Paris, 1905 (1905-010)
Les Ziegfield's Follies, Monte Carlo Beach, Juillet 1933 (1933-002)
Renée, Biarritz, Août 1930 (1930-005)
Renée au Pays Basque, 1930 (1930-037)
Renée, Nice, Fevrier 1931 (1931-008)
Renée, Paris, Janvier 1931 (1931-006)
Rico, Gugy et Lysbeth sur Podoscaphe, Deauville, Août 1917 (1917-001)
Sala au Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz, Août 1927 (1927-002)
Solange David, Paris, Décembre 1929 (1929-006)
Sur la route de Houlgate avec Mamie, Bibi et Jean le chauffeur, Automobile Hispano Suiza 32 HP, Avril 1927 (1927-006)
Tournage du film "Les Aventures du Roi Pausole", Eden Roc, Cap d'Antibes, Août 1932 (1932-007)
Zissou, La Baule, Août 1929 (1929-014)
Zissou, Rouzat, 1911 (1911-025)

Dustin Bonson, Terry Butawiliya Wilson & Kay Lindjuwanga

Gallery Installation

Kay Lindjuwanga

Mimih Spirit (head detail) (3276-05)

Bertha Linty

All the Stars (1982)

Lily Long

Karlkaparti (10-1302)
Kunji Kunji (11-249)
Malpa, where that cheeky snake's laying (11-257)
Marlkarn Pool (11-346)
Mikayura (10-232)
Murrpu (10-1303)
Old Punmu Road through Karlamilyi
Pimalu (10-1357)
Pinarti Pardu
Pirnatipartu (11-292)
Pirntu Pirntu
Purtajulpu - Karlamilyi (10-1100)
Purtapulju (11-254)
Untitled (09-571)

Pham Luc

Mother and Son with Fruit 1
Mother and Son with Fruit 2
Seated Woman with Flowers
The Sorrow of War 2
Women Playing Love Song

Minnie Lumai

Yab-yab-gnerni-ngim (WAA 924107)

Kathleen Malpalmba

Fish Trap Story (cp 1723)

Jack Maranbarra

Wangarra (2735-03)

Mulyatingki Marney

Ninyiri Juru (I was born here)
Untitled (09-396)
Untitled (09-673)
Untitled (11-400)
Warranpa (07-412)
Warranpa (07-521)
Warranpa (07-602)

Anniebell Marrngamarranga

Yawkyawk spirit figure (1146-08)
Yawkyawk spirit figure (136-08)
Yawkyawk spirit figure (1621-08)
Yawkyawk spirit figure (1667-08)
Yawkyawk spirit figure (4262-07)

Brian Martin

BoonWurrung #2
BoonWurrung #3
BoonWurrung #4
Bundjalung #11
Methexical Countryscape Nuenonne#3
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #13
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #15
Methexical Countryscape Wathaurong #1
Methexical Countryscape Wathaurong #2
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #1
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #2
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #3
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #4
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #7
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #8
Methexical Countryscape Bundjalung #9
Methexical Countryscape Darug #1
Methexical Countryscape Darug #2
Methexical Countryscape Darug #3
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #10
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #11
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #1
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #2
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #3
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #4
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #5
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #7
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #8
Methexical Countryscape Kamilaroi #9
Methexical Countryscape Nuenonne #1
Methexical Countryscape Nuenonne #2
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #11
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #14
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #1
Methexical Countryscape Paakantyi #2
Methexical Countryscape Wiradjuri #1
Methexical Countryscape Wiradjuri #2
Methexical Countryscape Wiradjuri #3
Methexical Countryscape Wurundjeri #2
Methexical Countryscape Wurundjeri #3
Nuenonne #4
Pakaantyi #16
Pakaantyi #17
Wurundjuri #7

Vivian Marumi

Ve'I ija'ahe

Mala Nari (Matosi)

Ömie Mountains and Eggs of the Dwarf Cassowary (ÖM11-021)

Adrian Mauriks


Ngarralja Tommy May

Yarragunja Country (118/06)

Queenie McKenzie

Burramundi Dreaming
Joodal Country - Tick Dreaming
Mingmarriya Country
Rover Thomas Story
Yoonorr Country - near Mistake Creek

Judy Mengil

Benengoogwalem (WAA 875706)

Mary Meribida

Ilyara (11512)
Ilyara (23152)
Kirriwirri (26213)
Martakulu (26039)
Mingarri (Cotton Creek) (1994)
Untitled (23556)

Graham Milmarapuy

Bari ga Lunggurrma (cp 1845)

Boxer Milner

Purkitji (987/06)

Peter Minygululu

Badurra and Rinytjangu (bp 3654)
Badurra: Munjarrpuy Story (do 1180)
Fishtrap, Dupun, Melkiri & Wititj (cp 1822)
Wititj and Yam (cp 1840)
Wititj, Barramundi, Goanna and Yolngu (bp 3643)

Shirley Banalanydju & (Peter Minygululu)

Dupun: Hollow Log (cp 1813)

Lila Warrimou (Misaso)

Tattoo Design of the Bellybutton and Spots of the Wood-boring Grub (ÖM11-099)
Tattoo Design of the Bellybutton (ÖM11-100)

Jimmy Moduk

File Snake (cp 1688)
Fish and Snake (bp 3332)
Mewal — Honey Rock (bp 3660)
Yarrpany: Dhuwa Honey (cp 1643)

Donald Moko

Gundi gundi (2932)
Jowayili (3177)
Kalajadu (3416)
Kardal (23157)
Kirrikurra (2828)
Punmu (23070)
Punmu (3423)
Purndi Jarrpa (2208)
Untitled (10276)
Untitled (23431)
Untitled (23478)
Untitled (23479)
Untitled (23485)

Dapeni Jonevari (Mokokari)

Frog Hipbones, Aho'oji River, River Stones and Ömie Mountains (ÖM11-103)
Heads of Men, Ancestral Underground Tattooing sites, Pattern of a Leaf, Jungle Vine (ÖM11-001)
Pig's Tusk Necklace, Spots of the Wood-boring Grub, Ömie Mountains and Beaks of Blyth's Hornbill (ÖM11-002)

Mirka Mora

A Child's Dream
A Mother's Love c.1976
A Sea Escape
A Still Moment In My Life
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve
Adolescent Angel
The Afternoon Dream c. 1962
Afternoon Tea
Always There For Each Other
An Angel Is Born
An Angel Rides A Bird
An Angel with her Friends
An Angels Love
An Angel's Surprise
And The Cat Knows All
Angel and Angel Bird
Angel And Friends (15)
Angel and Sun
Angel Bird And The Magic Cup (8)
Angel Birds
Angel Child With Friends (17)
Angel Daughter c. 1960
Angel Embracing Bird (3)
Angel Epiphany With Three Wise Girls c.1980
Angel Fishing
Angel Glancing at Her Bird Friend
Angel In a Tree
Angel In The Garden (9)
Angel in the Garden
Angel Loving A Baby Devil c.1978
Angel riding
Angel wings
Angel with Purple Friend
Angels Garden Party
Angels Have Family Too
Angels in the boat
Angels Tea Party (1)
Animals Are My World
At the Table
At the Table
Autumn Friends
Before the Dawn
Bird Conversation
Bird Embrace
Bird on angel's wing
Bird singing in the garden
Bird's Tea Party
Bird's Tea Party
Birth Of An Angel
Black Bird Flies In
Blue Angel (2)
Blue Bird Embrace
Blue Bird Embrace
Blue Bow
The Blue Winged Angel
By the Sea
Calling The Sun
Cat with Friends
Cat With Friends
Chatting over the Back Fence
The Cheeky Back Bird
Cheeky Devil Under The Sun
Child c. 1969
Contentment In The Magic Garden
Country Picnic On A Fine Day
Dancing Angel
Dancing angel
Dancing Angels
Dancing with my bird
Dreaming Bird
Dreaming in the Garden
Dreaming of Angels
Dreaming of Love Always
Dreaming of Love
Dreaming With My birds
The Dream
The Dream
Duck and Friends
Easter Drawing
Embracing Angels And Me
Embracing Couple (10)
Enchanted Couple
Enchanted Couple
Entwined As One
Entwined As One
Family Gathering 1958
Family Gathering in the Dream Park
Family Portrait
Family Trip
Faun Love
Flowers For My Bird
Forget Me Not Garden
The Fountain of Youth
Four Wise Women 1961
Friends and Lovers
Friends Under the Tree
Frolicking Angels
Gathering at Ayers Rock
Gathering Cherries
Girl In Love c.1970
Girl With Red Shoes Wants To Become An Angel
The Girl With The Red Bow And Her Friends
Golden Serpent with Angel
Green Moon In The Garden (6)
Guardian Angel
Gypsy Woman
The Happy Dream
Happy in My Secret Garden
Harlequin (37)
Here We Are 1961
Holding Love
Horned Angel Goes Boating With Birds (4)
How High Can You Jump?
I Am An Angel Faun And I Know You
I Am Content
I Dream Of Flying Like A Bird
I Dream Of The Other 1972
I Dream When You Hold Me c.1972
I Love You My Bird
I Really Love You
I Will Never Let You Leave (27)
I'll Always Be Me
I'll Never Let You Go
Imaginary Figure 1958
In Love
In my Pink Garden
In The Night Garden
Is That You?
Juggling c. 1958
Kangaroo Love 1973
Lion With Friends
Little Girl Talking with her Pets
Little Lovers ii
Little Red Bird in Winter
Love Always Looks Forward c.1968
Love At Peace c.1966
Love Child
Love Is A Beast 1973
Love is Family
Love Is love 1966
Love Potion c.1975
Lovers With Friend
Me And My Angel Bird
Medieval Woman c. 1960
Mermaid and Friend
The Midnight Angel
Moon Angel In The Garden (13)
Moonface on a Tree
Morning Tea With My Black Bird
Mother And Child I
Mother and Child
My Eyes Are Closed To Dream
My Heart Beats With A Smile
My Imaginary Friends
My Life Is A Mystery To Me
My Loving Family
My Other Self
My Soul and I 1958
My World Has Two Moons (12)
My World
Naked Angel
Night Time Gathering
Night time in the garden
Nude With Birds 1961
Off to a Party
Only You Know How I Feel
The Other Self c.1975
Our Black Bird
Our Blue Shoes
Planting a Tree
Proud Faun With Bird Friend
Purple Bow (7)
Purple serpent
Rabbit and Bird
Rainbow Love 1983
Ready For Mischief
Red Angel with Green Feathers
Red Bird and Friends
Red Bow Of Love
Red eyed bird
The Red Winged Angel Looks On
Reflections On Love c.1982
Resting Arms 1958
Secret Lovers Forever
Serpent Angel And Faun (14)
Serpent with Friends
Serpents Dream (5)
Serpent's Dream
Sirens Of The Sea
Sitting with my red and blue birds
The Smile Of The Embrace
Smiling Angel at Night
Smiling Angel Faun
Smiling Angel In The Garden With Serpents (16)
Smiling Angel with Birds in a Tree
Smiling Angel
Smiling Couple With Their Pets
Smiling Face
Special Tea
Sphinx With Serpent Tail Chatting With The Sun
Summer Flowers
Summertime Friends
Summertime Thoughts
The Sun And The Moon Share The Friends Tea Party
The Sun Looks On
The Sun Reminds The Angel To Look After Her Flock
Talking Bird With Love Child
Talking To My Garden
Talking With My Cheeky Wolf
Tasmanian Water Bird
Tea Party With My Bird friends
The Tea Party
Temptation (11)
There Are Angels In The Air
Thinking About Friendship
Thinking about my black bird
Three Children In My Dreams
Time To Go Walking (23)
To Close My Eyes Is To Feel Your Love
To Know When To Listen
To Say Goodbye
Together with our Angel
The triple bird embrace
Twins Dreaming
Two Handed Embrace
Under the Arch
Under the Moon
Under the Sun
Under The Sun
We Are All Animals
We Are Flowers
We Are Love 1978
We Are One
We Are Over Here
We Belong To Each Other c.1972
We Float In Our Dreams
We Float When We Are In Love
We know Each Other Well
We Know Love
We Live In The Sea
We Love Our Dog
We Love Our Dog
Welcoming the Blue Moon
Welcoming The Newborn 1961
When Angels Dream
When I Am A bird
When I Told You That I Love You
When We Walk Our Dog the Sun Looks On
When Will I Be An Angel
The Wild Kiss
Will You Tell the Snake About the Angel
With my baby
With My Bird Friends
With Our Little Birds
Young Angel With Child
Young Devil With Rabbit 1961
Young Lovers in the Garden

Philippe Mora

Baguette With Mayonnaise
Georges And Marcel Discuss Mayonnaise
Georges And Mirka Get Married
Georges Mora And The Orphans, South Of France 1944
Georges Mora At Folies Bergeres, 1933
Georges Mora Looking At Max Beckman Painting
Georges Mora With Fake Vichy Id
Georges Mora Witnesses The Burning Of The Books, Berlin 1933
I Want A Barmitzvah
I Want To Be A Doctor
Marcel Marceau Dressed As A Nun With Baguette, 1943
Mirka and Gisele Fournier, 1933
Mirka Meets Skippy in Australia, 1952
Mirka With Embroidered Star Of David, 16 July 1942
Mirka With Star Of David
Political Cartoon Of Hitler As A Pacifist
Portrait Of Mirka In TransitCamp, 1942
Salome, Marcelle, Mirka And Tzipa Being Arrested In Jewish Roundup, 16 July 1942
Summer At Aspendale

Nyarrie Morgan

Jila Heads Exploding (M07-283)

Sally M Mulda

Life at Little Sisters - Inarlenge (TAMM10C3966)
Life at Little Sisters - Inarlenge (TAMM11C3978)
Little Sisters Camp Life (TAMM10C4399)
Little Sisters Camp Life (TAMM11C4766)

Sally Mulda

Camping in the River (MM5304-12)
Camping in the River (MM5329-12)
Drinking Beer (TAMM11C5168)

Thomas Munkanome

Bima (TM81601)
Pukumani Pole (TM83101)
Purukuparli (TM81701)
Purukuparli (TM82101)
Tutini-Pukumani Pole (TM101-25)

Jenny Murray-Jones

Aggie's Swamp
Bird's Eye
The Island
Piggery Lake
This Is Where They Wanted Us To Be

Doreen Reid Nakamarra

Untitled (DR0107149)
Untitled (DR0110227)

Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra

Untitled (EM0102013)
Untitled (EM0105006)
Untitled (EM0106028)
Untitled (EM0206177)
Untitled (EM0208295)
Untitled (EM0209066)

Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa

Untitled (NN0009131)
Untitled (NN0009157)
Untitled (NN0105098)

Liki (Sally Nani)

Untitled (2941)

Takariya Napaltjarri

Untitled (TN0106133)
Untitled (TN0302185)

Tjunkiya Napaltjarri

Untitled (TN0007011)
Untitled (TN0110065)
Untitled (TN0110200)

Lorna Napanangka

Untitled (LN0010015)
Untitled (LN0010025)
Untitled (LN0011128)
Untitled (LN0012021)
Untitled (LN0012119)
Untitled (LN0012172)
Untitled (LN0101092)
Untitled (LN0102106)
Untitled (LN0103004)
Untitled (LN0103139)
Untitled (LN0103168)
Untitled (LN0303003)
Untitled (LN0303016)
Untitled (LN200006119)

Makinti Napanangka

Untitled (MN0009014)
Untitled (MN0207248)

Walangkura Napanangka

Untitled (WN0104085)
Untitled (WN0110071)
Untitled (WN0206079)
Untitled (WN0206105)
Untitled (WN0206170)

Charlie Ward Tjakamarra and Yukultji Napangati

Untitled (CW0011065)

Nanyuma Napangati

Untitled (NN0104100)
Untitled (NN0106112)
Untitled (NN0207241)

Ningura Napurrula

Untitled (NN0101060)
Untitled (NN0106030)
Untitled (NN0110090)
Untitled (NN2000222)
Untitled (NN990831)
Untitled (NN9910199)

Walangkura Reid Napurrula

Untitled (WR0107216)
Untitled (WR0109085)
Untitled (WR0110074)
Untitled (WR0201034)
Untitled (WR0202025)
Untitled (WR0202041)
Untitled (WR0202102)
Untitled (WR0202150)
Untitled (WR0202192)
Untitled (WR0202258)

Mala Nari

Dahoru'e ohu'o odunaigo'e
Dahoru'e ohu'o uehore
Tuboru une ohu'o dahoru'e

Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah

Millinjinang and Willi (18/07)

Ian Newberry

Wati Kutjarra (08-1805)

Irenie Ngalinba

Fire and Smoke (2014-06)
Ngalyod (4261-05)
Ngalyod (4627-05)
Saratoga (751-06)
Untitled (984-06)
Wak wak (1504-06)
Wak Wak (1552-08)
Wak wak (1573-06)
Wak Wak (1644-08)
Wak Wak (1665-08)
Wak Wak (1706-07)
Wak Wak (398-07)
Wak Wak (4673-07)
Wak Wak (549-07)
Wak Wak (790-08)
Yawkyawk (1804-06)
Yawkyawk (5019-05)

Phyllis Ningarmara

Warwoolem Flood Water (WAA 780804)


Mungai (744/04)

Yuwali (Janice Nixon)

Lungkurang (08-4)
Warrarnpa (Country)
Warrarnpa (Country)
Warrarnpa (Country)
Warrarnpa (M07-55)

Nora Nungabar

Minyipuru (Seven Sisters) (10-1112)

Naata Nungurrayi

Untitled (NN0207070)

Elizabeth Nyuguwana

Goannas and Yams (bp 3356)
Wagilag Sisters (cp 1808)

Elizabeth Nyumi

Pawalla (567/06)

Tony Oliver

The Art Dealer
Boy Composing
Boy Painting
Boy with Closed Eyes
Boy with Guitar
Boy with Objects 2
Boy with Objects 3
Boy with Objects 4
Boy with Objects 5
Boy with Objects
Boy with Painted Roses
Composition 2
Exile and the Kingdom
Objects 2
Offerings to a Deceased Painter 2
Offerings to a Deceased Painter
Offerings to an Unknown Painter
Passing of Knowledge
Tyranny of Knowledge

Anne Ooms

The Ledge of Leaping Faith

Neil Emmerson & Anne Ooms

(I was his...) & The Journey of Unspoken Things
(I was his...) & The Journey of Unspoken Things
(I was his...) & The Journey of Unspoken Things
(I was his...) & The Journey of Unspoken Things
(I was his...) & The Journey of Unspoken Things

Deborah Ostrow

Search & Rescue Mission with God Mask and Saying Everything Else is Pointless

Flora Oviro

Vahuhusino'e Nuni'e

Gordon Papungumirri

Bima (GP82401)
Bird (GP82801)
Purukuparli (GP82301)

Johnny Pascoe

Flying Fox and the Leaves it Eats (bottom) (do 1259)
Flying Fox and the Leaves it Eats (top) (do 1259)

Jim Paterson

Port Melbourne Boat No 1
Port Melbourne Boat No 2
Port Melbourne
Road to Tibooburra
Road to Wilcannia
Ship O'Hoy Boy

Nancy Patterson

Daddy's Ngurra Pitan (09-383)
Jila Kujarra (11-1404)
Kalpa (09-679)
Karlamilyi (09-674)
Karlamilyi (09-675)
Kartabadiji - Lots of Little One Soads (10-234)

Yikartu Petersen

Country around Wirnpa (M07-151)
Country north of Wirnpa - Tuwa
Tuwa (M07-150)
Untitled (07-785)
Untitled (07-786)
Warrarnpa (Country near Wirnpa)

Rusty Peters

Baarra (Rocky River) (327/15)
Balngawun the Sand Frog (RP82002-72)
Boorroombiny Thoon Nyinyil - Bat and Zebra Finch (RP4_2004-103)
Bullock Hole-Wiyarrij-biny Country (RP 4 2005-112a)
Darrajayin (352/15)
Father's Father's Country - Barran (RP4_2004-94)
Father's Uncle's Country
Frog and Willy Wag Tail
From Old Times-Warnawarnarram-berruwa (RP 2 2005-108 AB 2)
Goanna & Frog Dreaming "Blue Dress"-Garndiwal (RP 4 2005-114_1)
Goanna and Crocodile Story
Goanna and Frog
Grandfather's Father's Country
Grandfather's Father's Country
Grandfather's Tree
He Bin Look Back ( For His wife) (441/15)
Jawigin - Billy mac (RP 6-2006-122)
Jawoorroowan - Kookaburra and Peregrine Falcon Dreaming (RP3_2004-92)
Jiwiran (RP4_2004-97)
Jungura and Jambin
Middle Creek (472/15)
Ngabangarnal-Mermaid in Warloo Country (RP 11 2005-119)
The Place Where the Magpie Called Out (RP82002-71)
Six Mile (438/15)
Spring Country (497/15)
Two Laws (RP 9 2005-118_1)
Warloorji Ngarranggarni - Cyclone Dreaming (RP4_2004-102)
Warndiwal Country (241/15)
Warrarnany Eagle Dreaming (RP3_2004-93)
The White Quilled Rock Pigeon and the Fairy Martin (RP82002-70)
White Water-Dinil-wawun-wawun-ngarri-wanema (RP 4 2005-111_3)
Wishing Story
Woolawa (392/15)
Yariny Daam (Moon Dreaming Country) (294/15)
Yimenarran Country (RP 5 2005-115a_1)
Yiroowoonji Thoon Boonoonggony - The Rat and the Hill Country Goanna (RP4_2004-101)

Georges Petitjean

Hector Jandany and Paddy Bedford on the verandah
Paddy Bedford - portrait
Paddy Bedford - taking a break
Paddy Bedford on bed with finished painting

Eric Pillot

Antelope and Painted set
Balinese Starling and Mountain
Cockatoo and Painted Landscape
Colobus Monkey and Clouds
Gibbon and Painted Plants
Giraffe and Light
Gorilla and Painted Trees
Iguana and Lake
Lion Under a Tree
Little Owl
Okapi and Forest
Panther and Blue Sky
Pied Avocet and Swamp
Sitting Red Monkey
Snake and Mountain
Snow Leopard and Mountains
Toucan and Liana
Two Birds and Bird Feeder
Two Penguins and Wave
Vari Lemur and Bamboos
Zebra and Red Wall

Nancy Patterson (Pinyirr)

Jila kupi (snake water) (12-14)
Ngurra Wantili (11-1256)
Snake's Eggs (11-1079)
Untitled (11-1193)
Untitled (11-1203)
Untitled (12-23)

Carmelina Puantulura

Purukuparli & Bima (CP403500)
Purukuparli & Bima (CP8300)

Natalie Puantulura

Tuninga (NP37100)

Alfonso Puautjimi

Untitled (APU 187-24)
Untitled (APU 200-26)
Untitled (APU 236-25)
Untitled (APU 237-25)
Untitled (APU 238-25)
Untitled (APU 299-26)

Marie Evelyn Puautjimi

Fighting Stick & Kulama (MEP59801)
Fighting Stick (MEP54301)
Jilamara (MEP19801)
Jilamara (MEP45599)
Jilamara (MEP80001)

Rammey Ramsey

Bilirrijkel Dancing Place - Peewee Dreaming (RR6-2004-38)
Doowoon Country - Tranie Gorge (RR6-2004-33)
Geminymiyan - Bull Hole (RR6-2004-32)
Thalayiwan Country (RR6-2004-29)
Thawoonkoorroo - Elbow Hole (RR6-2004-30)

Cliff Reid

Tingarri (08-107)
Tingarri (09-11)
Tingarri (09-12)
Tingarri (09-210)
Tingarri (09-528)
Tingarri (09-529)
Tingarri (09-530)
Tingarri (09-534)
Tingarri (09-535)
Tingarri (09-570)
Tingarri (09-571)
Tingarri Tjina (08-63)
Untitled (09-572)
Walu (09-532)
Walu (09-533)
Wati Kutjara (09-10)
Wati Kutjara (09-531)

Simon Rigg

Abandonment and Occupation
Blue Sky at Last
Degrees of Envy
Flag Bearer
Hiding Low Listening to the Breeze
How To Climb A Monument
I Couldn't Understand a Word She Was Saying
In The Head Of An Architect
Portrait Of A Flag Bearer
Portrait Of A Monument Climber
Portrait Of A Ritualist
Portrait Of A War Monger
Portrait of Disorientation
Portrait Of Invictus
Portrait of Lady Blynth
Portrait Of The Architect
Separation Wall
Still Warm But You Are Gone
There Is A Place For Rituals
War Machine

Grace Robinya

Untitled (TA5349-12)

Yanjami (Peter Rowlands)

Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment)
Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment)
Kumpupirntily (M07-281)

Dada Samson

Jila Kurru (Snake Camp)
Mantaru nyirrnunya (M07-40)
Mungaru (08-10)
Pirti Lirti
Puntawarri (09-289)
Puntawarri (09-405)
Puntawarri (09-406)
Rabbit Proof Fence
Untitled (08-13)
Wakul (M07-320)
Wakul (where I got lost) (M07-38)

Anna Seven

Karnte Camp (TA5299-12)
Karnte Camp (TAAS11C5246)
Untitled (TA5350-12)

Rita Simpson

Kutarra (M07-31)
Minyi Puru at Nyipil (M07-29)
Muni (07-465)
Parnkapirni (M07-29)
Wirnpa the daddy Jila with his sons (M07-30)

Averose Sirimi

Jeji iju'e

Pijaju Peter Skipper

Yakarn (Moon Man) (557/06)

James Smeaton

3 hours after high water (H.W.)
Approach (12)
Bank dries 2 feet above low water (L.W.)
Channel (13)
Construct (14)
Draw (1)
Entrance (2)
Epoch (15)
Epoch 2 (16)
Epoch 3 (17)
Frame (18)
International Code: I
Junction (19)
Night (3)
Pier (4)
Pilot vessel on duty: Ahead (making way)
Pylon (5)
Rock awash at low water (L.W.)
Rock with less than 6 feet of water at low water (L.W.)
Rock with less than 6 feet of water at low water (L.W.)
Sentinel (20)
Sighted (6)
Sighted (7)
Site (8)
Spine (9)
Stand (10)
Still (11)
Transference (21)
Untitled (Daymark: Distress)
Vessel engaged in underwater operation or dredging
Vessel fishing: Astern
Wreck Submerged, Dangerous

Jukuja Dolly Snell

Paparta Jumu (285/06)

Nyilpirr Ngalyaku Spider Snell

Kurtal Jila (waterhole) (618/06)

Christophe Stibio

A season In Hell #1
A Season In Hell #2
Don't leave me #1
Forgive Me But For The Heart To Die Takes Much Longer Than What You Imagine
The Further Away You Go The Bigger Your Shadow
The Hills and Valleys of Mugello
How Many Treasures Do You Still Hide From Me?
I Fall In Love Too Easily
I want The Truth, lie To Me
In the Gullies of Lake Mungo
It Is Never Finished
It's Beautiful the City at Night
She Knew Beauty Was Envy's Twin Sister
Since Impermanent, Always Structurally Adequate (Royal National Park Cliffs)
Surrounded But Alone #1
Surrounded But Alone #2
That Night the Gullies of Lake Mungo were Deep, Deep and Wide
Tramline #19
What I Like About You Is What I Imagine
Worksite - Dynon Road

Joan Stokes

David and Goliath
Hunting in the sunburnt country
The killing fields at Attack Creek
Ned Kelly the Bushranger

Thérèse Strauss

Dancing Ledge, Marengo
Fisherman's Cove, 12 Apostles
Garden Of Eden, Shelley Beach
Herons Flight, 12 Apostles
Lighthouses Talking, Cape Otway
The Lost Fisher, Ship Wreck Coast
Meeting Place, Crayfish Bay
Passing Storm Point
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Walking At Wild Dog Creek
Watching The Light, Seal Rocks

Pauline Sunfly

Wilkinkarra (1114/06)

Wakartu Cory Surprise

Karra (615/06)

Pincher Talunga

Yuwul (PO391)
Yuwul (PO403)
Yuwul (PO430)
Yuwul (PO441)
Yuwul (PO447)

Ida Taylor

Untitled (07-126)
Warranpa (07-412)
Warranpa (08-1)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-127)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-128)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-171)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-173)
Warrarnpa (Country) (M07-224)

Mukki Taylor

Kulyakartu (09-340)
Kulyakartu (09-435)
Untitled (09-672)

Muuki Taylor

Kalakartu (08-7)
Kulakartu (08-3)
Paru, Walpet Road, Kunawarritji Road, Mulakir Road (M07-137)
Warla near Kirriwirri

Wokka Taylor

Untitled (09-328)
Untitled (11-735)


Creation, Land & Sea
Guiree, Flying Fox
Man Yam
Wacombe the Bushman
Woman Yam

David Hugh Thomas

Basalt Temple #10
Basalt Temple #11
Basalt Temple #12
Basalt Temple #13
Basalt Temple #14
Basalt Temple #15
Basalt Temple #16
Basalt Temple #17
Basalt Temple #18
Basalt Temple #19
Basalt Temple #1
Basalt Temple #20
Basalt Temple #21
Basalt Temple #22
Basalt Temple #23
Basalt Temple #24
Basalt Temple #25
Basalt Temple #26
Basalt Temple #27
Basalt Temple #28
Basalt Temple #2
Basalt Temple #30
Basalt Temple #31
Basalt Temple #32
Basalt Temple #33
Basalt Temple #34
Basalt Temple #35
Basalt Temple #36
Basalt Temple #37
Basalt Temple #38
Basalt Temple #39
Basalt Temple #3
Basalt Temple #4
Basalt Temple #5
Basalt Temple #6
Basalt Temple #7
Basalt Temple #8
Basalt Temple #9
Basalt Temple#29
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Falls Creek Artist Camp 2016
Falls Creek Artist Camp
Hut on Mt Mackay
Meeting At Baglands
Melbourne Now
Road To Falls Creek
Roundabout Acland Street
Self Portrait in The Studio
Self Portrait With Visions
Stooge Farm Weegena Tasmania
Welcome to Country

Phyllis Thomas

Blue Tongue Lizard Dreaming
Boab Trees and Owl
Boil Dreaming (PT82002-63)
The Escape (PT82002-66)
Lumugul - Blue Tongue Dreaming (PT82002-61)
Marranyji The Dingo at Rugun
Nawanji Gawarren

Rover Thomas

Meeting Place
The Milky Way
Wurritji Country

Jonathan Throsby

After the Wind Changed
Along the Ridge II
Along the Ridge
Big Rain Clouds
Driving Rain
Jack Rabbit
Landscape Composition
Liquid Landscape
Somewhere near Lake Eyre
Sunset Clouds

Aubrey Tigan

RIGI (10677)
RIGI (1)
RIGI (2)
RIGI (3)
RIGI (4)
RIGI (5)
RIGI (6)

Freddie Timms

Clarace Springs
Lissedell Country - Corroboree Bore (FT 8-2004-216)
Ned Kelly
Thirringgen - Owlet Nightjar Dreaming (FT102001-127)

Owen Tipiloura

Yirrikapayi Jilamara (OT231100)
Yirrikapayi Jilamara (OT389801)
Yirrikapayi Jilamara (OT73301)

David Tipuamantumirri

Tutini-Pukumani Pole (DT103-25)

Charlie Ward Tjakamarra

Untitled (CW0207008)

Richard Yukenbarri Tjakamarra

Untitled (RY0206088)

Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa

Untitled (KW0009059)
Untitled (KW200004157)

Pegleg Tjampitjinpa

Untitled (PT9803144)

Raymond Maxwell Tjampitjinpa

Untitled (RM0203020)

Ray James Tjangala

Untitled (RJ0202007)
Untitled (RJ0303097)

Nolan Tjapagati

Untitled (NT0008009)

Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri

Untitled (JJ0109005)
Untitled (JJ0204090)
Untitled (JJ0205074)
Untitled (JJ0208240)
Untitled (JJ0302044)

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Untitled (WT0105093)
Untitled (WT0110015)

Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka

Untitled (PP9801101)

Charlie Tjapangati

Untitled (CT0202235)

John John Bennett Tjapangati

Untitled (JJ0109013)
Untitled (JJ971009)

Kanya Tjapangati

Untitled (KT0008135)
Untitled (KT0110248)
Untitled (KT0205009)
Untitled (KT0206106)
Untitled (KT9910128)

George Ward Tjungarrayi

Untitled (GW0212021)
Untitled (GW0301029)

Brandy Tjungurrayi

Untitled (BT0012118)
Untitled (BT0103121)
Untitled (BT0105090)
Untitled (BT0206064)
Untitled (BT9909280)

Patrick Tjungurrayi

Untitled (PT0212157)
Untitled (PT0212158)

Willy Tjungurrayi

Untitled (WT20000203)
Untitled (WT200004133)
Untitled (WT20000559)
Untitled (WT991296)

Bobby West Tjupurrula

Untitled (BW0101012)
Untitled (BW0106096)
Untitled (BW0108060)
Untitled (BW0108126)
Untitled (BW0110113)
Untitled (BW0111002)
Untitled (BW0111232)
Untitled (BW0203127)
Untitled (BW9912168)

Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

Untitled (JY0212116)
Untitled (JY9801102)

Natalie Tungatalum

Tuninga (NT16601)
Tuninga (NT398400)
Yilinga (NT20401)
Yilinga (NT20500)

Sarah Ugibari

Beaks of the Parrot and Ancestral Tattoo Design (ÖM11-060)
Tail Feathers of the Swift in Flight (ÖM11-057)
Tail Feathers of the Swift When Sitting in the Tree (ÖM11-098)

Leah Umbagai

untitled (LUNG01-06)

Mabel Wakarta

Jina (Feet)
Jirtajarri (08-2)
Parnngurr Ngurra (11-1329)
Untitled (11-1292)
Untitled (11-1402)

Daniel Walbidi

All the Jila (20212)
Untitled (2104)
Wasp Man, 2005 (10499)
Winpa, 2005 (20134)
Winpa, 2006 (10724)
Winpa Country (20196)

Dick Ward

Kaluntjarra (08-207)
Pikilpirri (08-189)
Pikilpirri (08-189)

Fred Ward

Lurrun (07-067)
Lurrun (07-067)
untitled (K06-177)
Wirrintjunku (07-125)
Wirrintjunku (08-149)
Wirrintjunku (08-149)

Janie Ward

Ngiyari Tjukurrpa (K06-185)
Ngiyari Tjunkurrpa (K06-154)
Wangurnu (07-085)
Warrmarla (K06-207)

Ngipi Ward

Kapitu Kapitu (07-132)
Kapitu Kapitu (08-020)
Kurratjiti (07-150)
Kurratjiti (08-191)
Kurratjiti (K06-219)
untitled (K06-261)
Wandantjarri (K06-153)

Celestine Warina

Ömie Mountains, Backbone of the Green Snake, Pattern of a Snake's Lip (ÖM11-102)

Kalaju (Alma Webou)

Pinkalakara (2102)
Pinkalarta (11533)
Pinkalarta (3163)
Pinkalarta (3200)
Pinkalarta (3216)
Pinkalarta (3268)
Pinkalarta (3269)
Untitled (2880)
Untitled (3213)

Bugai Whylouter

Kartarru (Well 24) (07-668)

Bugai Whyoulter

Untitled (09-627)
Untitled (09-676)
Untitled (09-677)
Untitled (09-678)

Nancy Patterson and Bugai Whyoulter

Kurtu Jurnu (10-299)
Parnngurr (09-680)

Roy Wiggan

Balgol Balgol (ROY1299)
Biyana (3142)
Booloomangoorroo (2561)
Cone Bay (10002)
Diamond Fish (2324)
Fish Trap (3214)
Goowidy - Moon on Water
Installation shot
Jardargarra (Sand dunes)
Joodanjoodan (Crayfish)
Joomoolgoorr (Jellyfish)
Magabala (2322)
Men's Business
Mud Bay (10004)
Myara (2902)
Ooloowa (water spout) (3198)
Oongoorloo (milky way) (2172)
Ororrdon (Sand bar - Cape Leveque) (ROY1544)
Starfish (1140)
Starfish (2949)
Tide and Moon (2987)
Tree (10000)
Untitled (ROY1552)
Walkabout Santon Bluff Cygnet Bay
Wanjadju (Watersnake) (ROY1344)
Youla (2918)

Lauren Williamson

Blue Chamber At Dawn
Blue Curve
Boiler Engine Room
The Chamber
Deep Green Engine Room
Fire Roses
Flowered With Lights
Flowers With Pillars
The Green Ray
Hot House
Inside Out
Orange Engine Room
Pink Roses with Grid
Pink Tingles
Red Roses in Red Room
Seventeenth Century Allegorical Tulip
Silicon roses
Underground Bloom

Terry Butawiliya Wilson

Wandurk (2737-03)
Wandurk (2743-03)
Wandurk (2744-03)
Wandurrk - Spirit Being (details) (2753-05)
Wandurrk - Spirit Being (details) (5754-05)

Joel-Peter Witkin

A History Of The White World
Arms Broken By A Window (1/3)
Ars Moriendi (9/12)
Bad Student
Beauty Had Three Nipples (8/10)
The Great Masturbator And The Country He Rode In On, New Mexico
The Green Princess, Paris (3/12)
Imperfect Thirst (11/12)
La Giovanissima
Man With Dog, Mexico (AP/1L)
Model At The End Of Art School
Monsieur Baguette As Orpheo
Mother Of The Future (3/10)
Myself As A Dead Clown (1/12)
The Paris Triad : Venus in Chains, Paris
Presenter Of The End Of Time Award (1/6)
The Scale, Bogota
Self Portrait Reminiscent As A Self Portrait As A Vanity (10/20)

Gladys Womati

Lunggurrma (cp 1880)

Nora Wompie

Kunawarriyji (07-671)
Kunawarriyji (07-671)
Kunawartiji Ngurra - Nora Wompi (12-22)
Untitled (11-1305)

Nora Wompi

Jartijiti (11-479)
Kunawarritiji Ngurra (12-26)
Kunawarritji (11-552)
Walla Walla (12-21)
Yaturti (11-554)

Donny Woolagoodja

Untitled (DWNG01-06)

Owen Yalandja

Yawkyawk (2378-03)
Yawkyawk (detail of face) (2203-04)
Yawkyawk (group)
Yawkyawk (group)
Yawkyawk Spirit Figure (head detail) (5682-05)

Margaret Yalkarriwuy

Basket (BAS164)

Adrian Young

Lake MacDonald Tingarri (08-179)
Tingarri (08-198)
Untitled (10-227)

Marlene Young

Minyma Tjukurla (08-117)

Billy Atkins (Yunkurra)

Untitled (10-1248)
Untitled (11-1157)


Kapi (09-103)