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Pussycat and Friends

20 July - 13 August 2005

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Eldest Waglilag Sister (cp 1749)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 66.5 x 43cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Garrtjambal and Wagilag Sisters (cp 1864)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 164 x 160cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Wagilag Sisters (cp 1783)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 135 x 97cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
My Mother and My Father (cp 1528)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 130 x 92cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Wagilag Sisters (cp 1765)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 134 x 105.5cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Goanna (bp 3673)

2005, Ochres on bark, 113 x 32cm cm

Philip Gudthaykudthay
Gunyunmirringa (do 1254)

2005, Ochres on wood (Hollow Log), H: 140cm cm

Peter Minygululu
Wititj and Yam (cp 1840)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 150 x 132cm cm

Peter Minygululu
Fishtrap, Dupun, Melkiri & Wititj (cp 1822)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 128 x 128cm cm

Peter Minygululu
Badurra and Rinytjangu (bp 3654)

2005, Ochres on bark, 83 x 28cm cm

Peter Minygululu
Wititj, Barramundi, Goanna and Yolngu (bp 3643)

2005, Ochres on bark, 102 x 35cm cm

Peter Minygululu
Badurra: Munjarrpuy Story (do 1180)

2005, Ochres on wood (Hollow Log), H: 252cm cm

Jimmy Moduk
File Snake (cp 1688)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 135 x 83cm cm

Jimmy Moduk
Yarrpany: Dhuwa Honey (cp 1643)

2005, Ochres on canvas, 102 x 59cm cm

Jimmy Moduk
Mewal — Honey Rock (bp 3660)

2005, Ochres on bark, 94 x 50cm cm

Jimmy Moduk
Fish and Snake (bp 3332)

2005, Ochres on bark, 100 x 40cm cm

The dramatic tale of Wititj, the Olive Python, and the two sisters of the Wagilag clan forms the basis of one of the most important Aboriginal ceremonial cycles and painting traditions. These mythical events herald the arrival of the first monsoon season as well as providing the basis for ritual activity and religious knowledge.


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